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Solutions in Communication, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence

The SmartAssistant for personal assistance is now publicly accessible. Sign up and create your own personalized virtual assistant with ease.



Create your own robot, your way

Is it complicated?

Never! See how simple it is to create your assistant, in a few minutes the robot is created and available via WhatsApp, for example, our solutions aim to make life easier for all people, regardless of their level of technological knowledge.

Each assistant is unique and adapts to your needs.

- For You -

Conducts internet searches for information

Manages and reminds you of tasks in your daily routine

Helps in executing tasks regardless of the task

Has Memories and remembers your information

Ensures Privacy of your information
Task Management

- For Your Company -

Create as many assistants as needed

Automated Humanized Service for any type of company

Integration with existing company applications

Monitoring of parameters and routines

Process Automation
Zapi Internet Provider
Tolevando Burger Joint

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The SmartAssistant is an artificial intelligence tool created by CloudQi to assist in performing daily tasks. With it, you can obtain up-to-date and reliable information in real-time, conduct internet searches, execute bash commands, and much more. Additionally, SmartAssistant is constantly evolving, bringing new functionalities to further assist users in their daily tasks.
With SmartAssistant, you can access a variety of information sources, such as updated news, internet searches, image analysis, and file creation in different formats. To access these functionalities, SmartAssistant uses natural language, making the tool even easier and more intuitive to use.
SmartAssistant is an ideal tool for those seeking practicality and speed in their daily tasks. With it, you can save time and increase productivity, while also having access to up-to-date and reliable information in real time.

From Fiction to Reality: "The Brain" Is Ready!

With great satisfaction, we announce the completion of the "The Brain" project, a milestone in our mission to offer cutting-edge assistance through personal virtual assistants and artificial intelligence. "The Brain" represents the culmination of our development in AI, capable of storing short and long-term memories, providing an unprecedented personalized assistance experience.

Thanks to this innovation, our virtual assistants can now offer highly tailored and precise responses and solutions, meeting the unique needs of each user with an effectiveness never seen before. This project is a testament to our commitment to improving quality of life through the creation of innovative, accessible, and above all, safe technological solutions.

The launch of "The Brain" is not just a step forward in the democratization of AI, but also a significant advancement in CloudQi's technological journey. We are deeply grateful for the ongoing support of our community and excited to continue exploring new horizons, bringing innovative and effective solutions to people's day-to-day lives.


Classification by Type of Memories

See a Demonstration


Classification by Sentiment for Memories

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Elimination of Useless Memories

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SmartAssistant Plans

Discover our Service Plans and Get Incredible Benefits


$ -- /Pay per Use
What's included ?
  • Basic Processing Intelligence
  • Access to and use of Pay-Per-Use Features

What's included ?
  • Advanced Processing Intelligence
  • 1000 uses/month quota of Functions for Free
Supporter Premium

What's included ?
  • Advanced Processing Intelligence
  • Unlimited Access and Use of Functions
  • Early Access to New Updates
  • SmartPoint Early Access


One Device, Endless Possibilities

What does it do?

SmartPoint is a smart device from CloudQi that allows you to the automation of pre-existing devices. With it, it is possible to control and automate residential or industrial devices, as well as provide monitoring in real-time.

Integrated with your assistant, monitor and control any pre-existing electronic device with the aid of your own robot.

Gerenciamento de Tarefas


Check out where and how our device can be utilized.


Home & Industrial Automation

Smartpoint is an amazing tool for automation, allowing you to control devices such as light bulbs, electrical appliances, and systems of intelligent air conditioning. In industry, you can optimize processes by control machines and production systems, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.


Monitoring & Security

For security and monitoring, Smartpoint can be integrated with cameras and sensors, offering real-time monitoring of residences and industrial facilities. In addition, it can alert you to activities suspected or dangerous conditions, such as gas leaks or fires.



In the field of agriculture, Smartpoint helps with monitoring of climatic conditions, soil moisture and plant health, allowing a more effective and optimized management of crop production. It can automate irrigation systems, ensuring efficient use of water and contributing to Sustainable agriculture


We are an independent company, created, funded and maintained by the founder, your help is important!

Self-Funding for SmartPoint Production Start-Up

(R$ 17.463,00/R$ 150.000,00)

Collaborate with amounts above $300 and be one of the first to secure the pre-sale of a SmartPoint Device !

*Contact us via [email protected] with your registered email and proof or payment number

Self-Financing for Ecosystem Maintenance SmartAssistant

(R$ 26.431,00/R$ 100.000,00)

Collaborate with amounts above R$ 400.00 for support and Direct contact with our team and our groups of supporters!

*Contact us via [email protected] with your registered email and the voucher or Payment number

Self-Financing for Finalization of SmartAssistant Service for Business

(R$ 300,00/R$ 100.000,00)

Collaborate with amounts above R$ 1000.00 and receive access An early adopter of the SmartAssistant service for businesses!

*Contact us via [email protected] com your registered email address and proof or payment number

Thank you for your support. Together, we can transform the way people handle their daily needs, just like in the futuristic cartoons like The Jetsons, where the house is fully automated and controlled by robots. Don't miss the chance to be part of this technological revolution and help change the world!

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